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Gardenia jasminoides, 'First Love' (7)
'Lots of flowers. Blooms twice a summer at my house. Leaves smaller then 'Amy Yoshioka"
Wonderfully fragrant double white 4 to 5 inch blooms are larger than any other Gardenia. A superb evergreen accent shrub or container item, it`s the first Gardenia to bloom in spring and continues well into the growing season. Full to partial sun. Compact grower to 5 to 8 feet tall, 3 to 6 feet wide. Cutting grown.

Gardenia jasminoides, 'Aimee Yoshioka' (1)
It was developed by Tadaoki Yoshioka while he lived in Hawaii, and he later brought it to Florida when he moved to Ft. Lauderdale with his family in 1954. The gardenia was named after his daughter, Aimee, who died in a plane crash in Dallas in 1984. One of the darkest green of all gardenias, it has a 3 to 5 inch bloom so perfect, it looks artificial. Aimee grows openly and upright and blooms twice a year and slightly later than others.
Coffea_arabica (2)

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